Photo Gallery

Promote Study

As part of the Promote study, nutrition classes led by a registered dietician were held once a month. Below are some pictures taken from a nutrition class. Aside from nutrition classes, walking classes were held as aerobic training.

Vitality Study

As part of the Vitality study, Fit & Strong classes are held twice a week. Below are some pictures taken from this class. Aside from Fit & Strong classes, Balance & Tone and Masterminds classes are also held to study the effects of exercise training and cognitive training.

Fit Brains Study

Fit Brains is an upcoming study that aims to assess the impact of a mobile/online cognitive brain training program (i.e. Fit Brains) on cognitive performance and brain plasticity in healthy older adults and older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Here are some photos of our lab testing it out!